Tronitech Capsys Capture 2020 - Batch Scanning (Creating a Batch)

Tronitech Capsys Capture no longer requires Microsoft Internet Explorer however to scan documents you must have the Scan Service installed.  Please refer to the “Install Scan Service” documentation if you have not yet installed the Scan Service.

Recommended for use with Google Chrome or latest versions of the new Microsoft Edge browser. If you had the Thin Client installed on your machine previously, it is recommended that this be uninstalled.

This document is intended for users familiar with previous versions of Tronitech Capture as it only highlights initial steps of batch creation. Additional information can be found in the help files which can be accessed by clicking on the user icon in the upper right corner of the webpage.


How to Create a Batch

Go to the “CAPTURE” tab and click “Create New Batch” button in the upper left corner.


Select a Batch Profile

Enter a batch name (usually assigned automatically)

Select the Import Source, which will be either File Import, or a locally attached scanner.

Click Scan/Import



After scanning has completed, and you have completed QC. Click the Green Check mark to release the batch from Capture.




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