Tronitech Capture Remote Release

Remote Release is a Windows Service that can be installed / configured on each scan station to automatically release batches to the server one a polling schedule.  Attached here is the installation for the Remote Release services,  and details on the configuration of Remote Release.  If you have any issues feel free to contact Technical Support.

On each scan station you need to have the Capsys Remote Release installed to auto release the batches to the server every X minutes once they have been scanned.


Just run the RRS_Setup_43.msi and accept all defaults through the installation.


Once installed you will need to configure to your Tronitech Capture website.


To configure go to the “C:\Program Files\CAPSYS CAPTURE Suite\CAPSYS CAPTURE Remote Release Server\” directory and run the RRS_Config.exe.

(RRS_Config.exe is a GUI Config module that stores the configuration inside of the RRSconfig.XML file. You can also edit the XML file directly instead of through the GUI.)


You must add the following items to the configuration when installing Remote Release.



(Note: There is also a CCRRS service installed on the workstation that needs to be set to automatic and configured to run with a user that has local administrator rights to the scan station PC)



There will need to be Remote Release User Accounts setup on the server side as the Remote Release takes up a license.  This should be separate from the user used for scanning / indexing.

(Note: each station must be configured with it’s own userid as the user takes up a Capsys Web Client license and using the same username on multiple machines will result in errors / failures to release due to inability to login to Capsys)


Monitor Paths:

Scanned images are stored in the AppData folder for the user logged into the PC.  To find the correct path you can do the following:

1.       Login to the PC with the user that will be logged in during production scanning.

2.       Go to the Start Run command and type %APPDATA% and click enter

3.       Browse to the “C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Roaming\CAPSYS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC\Capsys” directory, copy and paste this path to the Monitor Paths section.


Batch Processing Delay:

This is the frequency in which the Remote Release Server will attempt to release scanned batches to the server.


Save the configuration and verify that the CCRRS service is running with a local admin account. 

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