Tronitech Capsys Capture Indexing Shortcuts

The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used during indexing.


New Document [alt - n]

New Empty Document [alt - e]

Append Page to Document  [alt - p]

Append All Pages to Document [alt - l]

Clear Indexes  [alt - r]

CompleteRelease  [alt - c]

Unlock Case  [alt - u]

Save Indexes  [alt - s]

Copy Document  [alt - o]

Split Document  [alt - i]

Delete Document  [alt - delete]


Next Page  [alt - x]

Last Page  [altshift - x]   

Previous Page  [alt - z]

First Page  [altshift - z]

FirstDoc [altshift - f]

PreviousDoc [alt - f]

NextDoc [alt - g]

LastDoc [alt/shift - g]


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