Vaultview - URL Integration

Vaultview documents can be accessed from third party applications using the following URL formatting rules.


Search and Retrieval on the web focuses on providing access to the Vaultview system to find and view objects in the Vaultview System through the use of a browser user interface. This access is provided through a URL interface into the Web SDK Search and Retrieval component. This URL interface allows a user of the Web SDK to run searches and view documents.


There is a single tool in the Web SDK that provides the Search and Retrieval functionality.


The Web SDK tool provides access to Saved Searches by mapping Search String parameters on the URL to the fields in a Saved Search.


To provide dynamic access to the Vaultview System by facilitating dynamic mappings to one or many Saved Searches and dynamic mappings to field values, use the Web SDK component with Parameters specifying Saved Search and field values.


The Web SDK Search and Retrieval components are accessed through the use of URL parameters into the default.asp page on the Web Client web site.


For example, the following URL runs a Saved Search named Invoices with a parameter value for the InvoiceNo field of "1234".


Example Format:






This runs the Saved Search using the Web server installed on MySite. The Web SDK provides access to running a Saved Search directly. Notice also that the name of the Saved Search to be run must be specified (i.e. DocTypename=Invoices). The parameter for the search is specified using the field name and its value as a URL parameter. If more than one field is desired, simply list the name/value pairs on the URL.


The above URL will run the Saved Search and either present the user with the Search Results Tool or the Viewer Tool. If the search resulted in a single match, the result will be displayed to the user in the Viewer Tool. If the search resulted in multiple matches or hits, the results will be displayed to the user in the Search Results Tool.





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