Vaultview – Print/Email Issues

Vaultview – Print Issues:

If you are unable to Print documents it is likely due to one of the following:

  • Clear Internet Explorer history and reset settings. (Open Internet Explorer, click the tools tab, click Internet options, click Delete in Browsing history section, check all but "Preserve Favorites website data", then click delete. Open Internet Explorer, click the tools tab, click Internet options, click the Advanced tab, click Restore advanced settings, click Reset.)
  • Pop-Up Blocker Verify your browser pop-up blocker is not preventing the print dialog from loading. See links below for details on editing Pop-Up Blocker settings in different browsers. 
  • Your Vaultview site needs to be added to “Trusted Sites”.  Open Internet Explorer and log into your Vaultview site.  Click “Tools” then “Internet Options”.  Click on the “Security” tab then the “Sites” button.  Click the “Add” button to add your Vaultview site ( to the “Trusted Sites” list, close and save.  Try to print/email from Vaultview now. 
  • Verify user has print permissions to the Document Type in Vaultview.
  • Do you have Adobe Reader installed and is it your default application to on PDF documents? Vaultview needs the default PDF application to be Adobe Reader.
  • Vaultview Plug-In. Prior to Vaultview version 6.0, Vaultview required a plug-in for printing. Follow the link below for help determining your version of Vaultview and information on installing the Vaultview Plug-in if you are using an older version of Vaultview.

Let us know if you have any other issues.

Thank you,


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